Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

ARICS takes very seriously its business ethics, corporate governance and transparency of operations.  We recognize that maintaining and developing corporate integrity demand a continued focus.  We have formalized it by writing down our Code of Ethics that serves as ethical guideline for our business conduct.

  • We take responsibility for the decisions we make or fail to make, actions we take or fail to take and the resulting consequences.
  • We seek to understand and follow customer’s code of ethics. 
  • We commit on what we can deliver and we deliver on our commitments.
  • We show high regard for ourselves, others and resources entrusted.  Resources may include people, money, reputation and natural or environmental resources.
  • We will not tolerate corruption, money laundering, bribery or other illegal or unethical business activity. Our performance and competitiveness are strengthened solely through lawful conduct.
  • We comply with the laws in all the countries in which we operate.  We satisfy the spirit of law and not just the letter of law.  We do what is right and not what is convenient.
  • We are transparent in our decision making process.  We constantly reevaluate our decision making process to ensure impartiality and objectivity, take corrective actions as appropriate.
  • In ARICS we are committed to show complete openness towards customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders. It is essential that their understanding of our services and products is accurate, updated and truthful. Therefore there is no incongruence between what we communicate within the company and what we do externally.